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About Digital Art / Professional Levente Rückert Groups :icontolkien: tolkien
LotR,Hobbit,Silmarillion,et al.
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Journey by Tanathiel
Hi guys!

Some of you started following me shortly after I joined this site, some of you on the way.
I thought you might be curious how I did get here, without browsing though my whole gallery xD
So, I managed to put together this meme!

All the art seen in the meme can be found in my gallery :) Feel free to look around!

I hope you guys enjoy it ^^
Now... back to work :D
Vindictus by Tanathiel
Totally forgot to post this here, its got done a few days ago :)

It was commissioned by :iconkhaiden505:, its his character in the game. He is called Harshil, follower of the Argent Dawn =) Its a draenei Vindicator in his full glory, although the armor is quite personalised but it is loosely based on the T17 armor and the Claymore of the Prophet.
Always wanted to draw one at least once and finally had the opportunity to do so! Tried out a slightly different stlye that you could get used to from me ^^

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy it, I got some more coming next week, a WH40k artwork this time ^^
Strike Force Ultra by Tanathiel
Strike Force Ultra
Warhammer 40k - Eternal Crusade fanart =)
Made for the Strike Force Ultra group, who will fly under the Ultramarine chapter. Although I did add a chaplain to the pic, its not known if we will get one later (not at launch, nope), still, couldn’t resist. Plus they look epic to boot.
Win-win ^^

From left to right, top to bottom the characters and their companies are as follows:
Cpt. Oculus, 3rd Company, red trim, leader of the Strike Force
Cpt. Algernon, 1st Company, white trim, leader of the 1st Veteran Company
Sergeant Saur, 5th Company, black trim
Meridius, 2nd Company, gold trim
Phyllionell, 1st Company, white trim
Reithas, 2nd Company's Chaplain, gold trim

Some more WH40k stuff will be coming!
Have fun until then!
Premonition - rework by Tanathiel
Premonition - rework
Hi guys =)

I've made some last minute changes with the warboss and some of the sorroundings that I wasn't pleased with for the contest and still managed to get it in by the deadline =)
Anyways, as you can see it gone though some significant changes, most notably the warboss. I've changed the maple leaves, worked more on the space marine and the guardsman below it. Also the flag got some changes as well ^^
Overall, the base idea stayed the same ^^ Managed to score a 2nd place with this work =)

This was my contest entry for the Warhammer 40k - Eternal Crusade MMO's contest, the "Death andt the Maiden World" =) It was about making an illustration based on a short story written by the Behaviour team.
You can read the short story here:…

Enjoy ^^
Premonition by Tanathiel
Contest entry drawing for the Warhammer 40k - Eternal Crusade MMO's contest, "Death and the Maiden World".

The contest's goal was to make an illustration, based on the same titled short story (which you can read here:….
I've chosen the last segment of the story to use as a base for my work, where the eldar girl Ishar sees shapes and forms of things yet to come inside the dark lake.
It just had so much potential and tbh, its a nice challenge to work with water, plus to draw an actual eldar divination is quite an interesting thing ^^
Sadly the planet don't had any moons, so I couldn't play around with that as a light source :/ Still I like how it turned out in the end ^^

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy it!
Hi guys, long time since last entry ^^

So, as some of you may know, I've started working in a full-time job some time now(hence why you seen a big drop in uploads recently).
While its normal to earn as much in this country, I know far too well that this is not even the base payment in Germany, UK, France, USA, ect, so I figured I might as well try to look around when it hit me that I could ask around for opportunities from the friends I know on the net =) Then I can get going from there ^^

What I basically seek is first and formost an art related job =) Not sure if there are people here that can point me to the right direction, but its worth a try, isn't it ? :D And if this wont succeed, then a normal, administrative or such kind of job =)
I know it wont be the simplest thing in the life to do, but I really want to advance with my career in art, which is nearly impossible in this country (due to the fact that we are quite in the baby-shoes when it comes to art industry like concept art or digital art in general ^^;). So, I'd like to ask you fair lot to help me out in this regard :)
Getting a job though friends would be a lot more preferable ^^ As you could guess, moving is not an issue xD Had move 31x times already so 1-2x more wont be a big issue :P
I know this is a huge favour to ask... but I want to get a chance to reach my dream - which is working in either the film or gaming industry ^^

I really love this community and I hope you guys can help me out a bit in this! :D
One the upside would be that I could draw more awesome stuff ^^ So its a definite win-win :P

Feel free to write here or a Note =)

Thanks a lot for reading =)

(For non-hungarians here is a little info: The standard avrage payment one can get is 100-120 000 Ft which roughly translates to 440-530$ or 320-390 EUR. No this is not the food support, this is our full payment for a month. Actually, not full, since taxes and whatnot lowers it further xD Note that everything has the same price (if not a bit more pricy) then in other europian countries to the west :P I let that sink in for a moment... :)
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Levente Rückert
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
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Favourite style of art: Traditional, sculpting
Operating System: Life ? xD
Shell of choice: My body -.- not that I had other choice, isn't it ? xD
Skin of choice: Pale skin... seriously I got hard time to get a suntan... x)


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